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UK Data Centre Saves £250,000

UK Data Center Secures Energy Supply

Not all customers are looking for a reduction in their monthly energy bills. When our sales director, Ben Willcocks visited a prospective client here in the UK he found that they had other things on their mind.

Keeping it real-time

A UK company, specializing in the real-time analysis of data relating to betting odds for sporting fixtures, contacted our team at BEST, following problems controlling their power consumption.

In order to process their valuable data, they operated 6 floors of super computers and servers, whirling away 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Switching off their supply, even for a second, would have severe implications for their business, potentially resulting in losses running into hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The company was facing a crisis as they reached the upper limit of the power supply available. Any option to pull more power from the grid would require extensive work to be carried out, with costs expected to hit £250,000. Failure to act was even more severe; it could mean their servers going offline with costs rising with every each second that passed.

Real time solutions to real time problems

The company had engaged the services of an energy consultant, and their energy supplier, however, neither had managed to solve their very specific problem. What could be done to secure their power supply and ensure that they remained online without interruption?

Carrying out their own research online, the company identified that the BEST Eniscope could provide the answer to their problem and they called our team to find out more.

Eniscope’s ability to monitor power consumption in real-time, as well as store historical data, offered the company the possibility to manage their power consumption and ensure that any downtime was avoided. By making their energy consumption visible at the time of use, it would be possible for key personnel to monitor the situation and manage the power to avoid drawing more than was necessary to keep their systems running.

Ben walked the client through the EnergyMaps approach. The company was reassured that we had the right technology backed up by a sound strategy capable of delivering the control and reduction in their demand needed to secure their business.

A targeted solution that’s paid for itself

Our team undertook an extensive survey of the site and collected the relevant data required to deliver a targeted solution to their specific needs. Central to the solution put forward was the ability to monitor energy in real time, flagging up peaks in demand that would cause loss of power across the site.

The solution also provided a mechanism to monitor historical consumption data and feed in suggestions to control and reduce demand over time to eliminate the possibility of downtime.

Reductions in energy costs formed a secondary, but very important, benefit to the client ensuring that the system would pay for itself in less than 2-years through energy savings alone.

Commenting on the project, the company’s facilities manager had only this to say, “Its refreshing to find a system that does what we were told it would. I would definitely recommend BEST to others”.

If you would like to learn more about how BEST can help you control you energy consumption please get in touch with our team here.