Our History

Magnificent Operating Systems Technology, Inc. (MOST Energy), is a well-established energy saving technology company.  Located at 9701 Apollo Drive, Suite 300, Largo, MD 20774.  We begin operating in the Energy Efficiency sector “a multi-trillion dollar marketplace” August 23, 2014.

License – On August 26, 2014, MOST Energy was granted an appointment “In Principle” As Tier 2 Distributor by the British Energy Saving Technology (BEST) company, and is the only distributor allowed to sale BEST products within the Washington, DC metropolitan area. MOST Energy provides the highest quality of energy saving technology products in America.  We are preparing to help save the world by helping business owners improve their carbon footprint and eliminate emissions of greenhouse gases like C02 (carbon dioxide).  We have the best energy technology products in the world, pricing, large selections and second-to-none installation puts MOST Energy at the forefront of the Energy Efficiency sector.  The owners of MOST Energy have more than 75 years of combined experience in engineering, information technology (IT), commercial driving and navigation, and equipment installation.

January 2017 – MOST Energy became a “Gold Certified Partner” with British Energy Saving Technology (BEST). The “Gold Certified Partner” is the highest available partner category. As a “Gold Certified Partner” we will have a close working relationship with BEST and received enhanced benefits such as the In-territory Partner Launch Visit. The In-territory Partner Launch Event is for “Gold Certified Partnerš’ only. The In-territory Partner Launch Event is designed to fast-track the success of the “Gold Certified Partner”.

To build success quickly in this sector you must deliver an effective Proof of Concept (POC) as soon as possible. Therefore, as a “Gold Certified ide a detailed action report on the precise reduction strategies required to deliver maximum savings. Partner”, BEST promise to do our first POC for us and guarantee a successful outcome. BEST sends engineers (for up to 5 days) to survey the site, install and commission the energy monitoring equipment, analyze the data and prov

January 2014 – GPRS variant of the Eniscope 4 Channel is released offering convenient cellular communication with our Analytics service for applications where existing customer networks are not accessible due to privacy and/or security constraints

November 2013 – Real-ease of the Eniscope 4 Channel. The Eniscope Hybrid’s baby brother comes at a fraction of the cost but still offers advanced monitoring for up to 12 electrical circuits along with a Renewable Display and full compatibility with our cloud-based energy Analytics service.

September 2013 – Andy Smith joins the team as Technical Manager, bringing with him a wealth of experience from real-word applications. Andy quickly puts his skills to good use in advancing the teams R&D aspirations.

August 2013 – Release of a new Intelligent Motor Energy Controller, iMEC, for single phase applications. The embedded software enables iMEC to start the motor with smooth, step-less acceleration and thereafter electronically sizes the motor to its exact requirements at any instant in time. In the right applications, savings of up to 40% are possible.

July 2013 – Realeased of the all new Air Conditioning Energy Saver, ACES, opens up a huge opportunity in the growing AC market. Improved temperature sensing and self-learning software algorithms allow the product to automatically identify energy waste and remove it. Early clients include Adidas, KFC and Nike.

April 2013 – Eniscope Hybrid is launched to the public. The new product is fully designed and manufactured in the UK. Eniscope Hybrid can monitor up to 24 circuits and can also read and display real-time pulse data from devices such as gas and water meters. The product is prepared to support developments such as Wi-Fi and 3G and is also pre-engineered to accepted energy and temperature data from our future range of energy saving products.

Feb 2013 – Having secured new, local warehouse facilities, the team take full control of logistics from the previous third-party supplier and dramatically reduce costs while simultaneously improving delivery times.

Jan 2013 – Release of the Chilled Unit Energy Saver, CUES, which is protected by copyright design and offers more consistent results than the outgoing model. It also forms part of a new patent application.

Nov 2012 – Greek Partner, Enegreen, deliver year on year savings of up to 30% for Greece’s leading Electrical Retailer, Kotsovolos. Enegreen monitor over 80 stores across the chain with Eniscope, which is the primary source of the savings. Subway franchisees implement our energy saving technology in Florida.

Oct 2012 – New R&D center opens in Cornwall to support work on eight new product lines scheduled for release in 2013. The team’s R&D spend exceeds 10% of revenue, six times the national average, and demonstrates a commitment to making exceptional energy saving solutions. In Australia, West’s Tennis Club verifies a predicted saving of $100,000 will be delivered through the efforts of Energy Partners Australia

Sep 2012 – The Eniscope Real-time Renewable Energy Display is implemented on Northern Europe’s largest rooftop solar installation at the HQ of leading Danish insurer, Topdanmark.

Jul 2012 – Troy Wrigley takes on the day to day management of the team, allowing Ian Wrigley to spearhead the product development strategy. A UK Data Center saves £250,000 through the installation of Eniscope

Jun 2012 – The 3rd generation of the Energy Analytics platform is released along with a new range of cutting-edge LED products, supplied by an OEM partner.

Nov 2011 – Bronby IF, Denmark’s biggest football club install Eniscope and CUES and save 11%

Jul 2011 – The new Eniscope Hub & Meter system is released, bringing with it numerous enhancements including; multi approvals (CE, UL, cUL & GOST) remote updates, more accurate metering, simpler installation, near real-time analytics, email & SMS alerts, public display and enhanced security. The Hub is designed and assembled in the UK and a newly sourced OEM provide custom metering hardware.

Feb 2011 – A dedicated Eniscope solution for Renewable Energy installations is released featuring a stunning animated interface for showcasing the performance of many types of renewable technology.  Jan 2011 – The team makes a significant adjustment to their business strategy, which previously relied heavily on the hardware provided by Technology Partners, and embarks on a massive two-year research and development programme to design and engineer a full range of new energy saving products. Andrew Booth, Financial Director, becomes minority shareholder.

Dec 2010 – Safeway in North America experience a 3-month payback using CUES on one of their frozen food warehouses. Release of first Eniscope App for mobile Apple devices which were previously unsuitable for use with the product because of their lack of Flash support.

Aug 2010 – StyleMark, the world’s largest supplier of sunglasses, get a 50% saving within 2 weeks of trialing Eniscope on a test panel. StyleMark give our partner, EKON, the go ahead to install Eniscope throughout the manufacturing facility and confirm expected annual facility-wide savings in excess of 20%. Andrew Booth appointed as Financial Director.

Feb 2010 – Australian partner in Perth delivers 43% savings for bakery chain Miss Maud’s by installing CUES on their refrigeration equipment. They agree to install in all of their stores.

Jan 2010 – The online Knowledge Base is launched to provide a centralized support hub that is accessible 24/7. The support materials (including videos, ROI calculators, installation manuals, training podcasts and more) are generated from three years of daily work with partners and customers in the field.

Dec 2009 – Bethune University experience 30% savings following the installation of Eniscope. The 4th Generation of our Real-time Energy Display is released.

Jan 2009 – Technical Summit is held in the UK. An elite team of energy experts travel from all over the world to impart their high level, specialized knowledge of energy efficiency to partners who are likewise from the four corners of the globe.

Oct 2008 – The 3rd generation of the Eniscope Real-time Display is released to the public. The 2nd generation of our historical, cloud-based Analytics software also goes live.Jun 2008 – UBS Bank become one of the first of many Blue Chip Clients that will go on to benefit from Eniscope, including the likes of Coca-Cola, Crowne Plaza, DHL, FedEx, Ford, Harley Davidson, McDonald’s, Sony & Subway.

Dec 2007 – By the end of 2007 the team secures numerous OEM supply agreements with energy saving product manufacturers, giving new partners a distinct advantage over competitors who tend to focus on just one product. In addition, customers enjoy full visibility of the effectiveness of the recommended solutions because Eniscope tracks the performance in real-time. This approach is later endorsed by Government think-tanks who highlight the importance of energy saving companies offering a breadth of services and measuring performance.

Sep 2007 – The first incarnation of Eniscope, our Real-time Energy Management Solution, is released to partners at our launch event in the picturesque north coast of Cornwall, UK. An OEM provides custom hardware; the software is designed and created by our gifted team of developers.

Mar 2007 – The team partners with an OEM specializing in energy metering hardware and, having identified the untapped potential of the Internet to relay and display energy information, work begins on the construction of our very own energy analytics software platform and real-time energy displays

Jan 2007 – The team envisage a different approach to energy management, one focused on what the customer really needs to get the best energy saving results. Key aspects of this new philosophy include the belief that you can’t manage what you can’t measure and that clients should have access to a wide range of energy efficiency products, not just the one you happen to manufacture. Work begins on securing technology partnerships that will provide future partners with a unique combination of products to offer their customers.