Eniscope Multi-Channel Meters

Here’s a video explaining the development of our flagship product; Eniscope Hybrid:

The hardware elements of the total Eniscope solution offer bespoke, highly accurate, mult–channel metering that is compact, robust and reliable.

Our flagship solution, Eniscope Hybrid, is ultra-flexible allowing it to self-monitor multiple electricity circuits as well as accepting inputs from other electricity meters, pulse meters (e.g. gas & water) and temperature sensors. This means all the energy data from an entire building, or an entire multi-site organization, can be pushed via our hardware into one convenient and easy to use software viewing platform.

The Hybrid’s baby brother is the Eniscope 4, which offers multi-channel metering at a very competitive price point. It also has an optional GPRS module which faciliitates celluar communications when it is not possible to use a local internet connection.

Both products are UL, cUL and CE approved and work together seamlessly to offer unlimited configuaration options to meet the needs of any type of building, from small convenience stores like 7/11 to large automotive factories like Toyota.

Our Eniscope metering hardware is unique for a number of reasons :-

First; we measure energy in REAL-TIME. Not half-hourly, or every 15 minutes or even every minute… we measure by the second. And because all our meters contain a ‘web-server’ the real-time data can be easily accessed via the local network or pushed to an external display.

Second; it is a complete plug-and-play solution that can be installed by any competent electrician, and be up and running in a few hours! Furthermore because it is web-enabled it can be upgraded with software enhancements remotely.

Third; unlike the so-called ‘smart’ meters, our Eniscope Meters are measuring ALL the important parameters. Unlike lesser mortals… we do not ‘assume’ or ‘guess’ important parameters like Voltage… we measure everything with pinpoint accuracy.

Fourth; it’s very flexible… You can start your energy management programme using just one channel of a meter, perhaps to monitor the incoming supply – or one area of the building – or even one critical piece of equipment. Thereafter, as you begin to appreciate the benefits of having everything totally transparent you can activate further channels or add additional meters because they can be easily integrated together. This means that all the current and historical information can be viewed simultaneously via our Analytics Software – whether it’s within the same facility or a completely different location.