CUES Case Study

Safeway is one of the largest grocery retailers in North America with over 1775 stores. They have a strong commitment to environmental protection, which includes adopting proactive measures to minimize waste. In harmony with this policy, a prominent division of Safeway agreed to trial Chilled Unit Energy Saver on one of their frozen warehouses. This resulted in a stunning payback of 3 months.

Following several consultations with a BEST Distributor it was agreed that a before and after trial using a Chilled Unit Energy Saver would be conducted on one of Safeway’s largest energy consumers.

Refrigeration represents a huge proportion of Safeway’s energy bill and they were understandably eager to lower their costs and follow through on their commitment to reduce waste and minimize their carbon footprint.

During a two week monitoring period WITHOUT the Chilled Unit Energy Saver the compressor for the warehouse consumed 43,174kWh’s of energy. Following this initial test the Chilled Unit Energy Saver was installed and the compressor was monitored over the same time period. During the second test WITH the Chilled Unit Energy Saver the compressor used 38,111 kWh’s of energy.
This demonstrated an energy reduction of 5,063kWh’s or 12%.

Although, this represented an excellent result it was noted during the second test that the air temperature inside the freezer was consistently two degrees colder than it was during the first test. Safeway are now exploring the potential to increase the savings by turning up the internal thermostats by two degrees. This would likely bring the average freezer temperature back to its original operating condition while further reducing the energy consumed.

Be that as it may, Safeway are still delighted with the result which, when projected across the year, had delivered over $10,000 of savings and a payback of just three months. BEST, through the efforts of our Distributor, is obviously very excited about the roll-out potential for Chilled Unit Energy Savers and the opportunity to help Safeway to deliver on their commitment to ‘go green’.

Chilled Unit Energy Savers – Case Study